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Payment Options
Self-Pay Details Affordable option for families who have no contracted insurance plan and for those with high deductible plans

Acute care visit

$100 + $25 convenience fee Laboratory tests Rapid strep swab            $10 Rapid influenza test            $15 Dipstick urinalysis               $10 Blood sugar check            $10 Pregnancy test                     $5 A visit from Home Run Pediatrics is always more affordable than a trip to an ER, and typically less costly than an Urgent Care visit! With Home Run Pediatrics, there are no uncertain waiting times, meaning you miss less time from work! You will save money on gas, and time in your schedule because Home Run Pediatrics comes to you! An invoice can also be submitted to your HSA for reimbursement in accordance with their terms.
Insurance Details

Welcome to our TRICARE families!

Home Run Pediatrics is now in-network with TRICARE! Our house calls are a convenient supplement to care at the base clinic, where access is often limited, and where same-day “sick call” is not ideal. Our home visits are also a high quality and individualized alternative to Urgent Care. No referral is needed for a sick house call, TRICARE will be billed for the visit, and your child's regular PCM will be provided documentation for continuity of care. As a veteran myself, in order to honor the service of our active duty families, our $25 convenience fee is waived for TRICARE patients who live in Bellevue. Influenza season is here, and it is best for kids to stay home when they are sick. o We can perform rapid influenza testing at the child's bedside, with results in under 10 minutes. o This allows prompt treatment if influenza is diagnosed, as well as the option to prescribe preventive medication to other household members. o Rapid influenza testing is NOT offered at the base clinic.

Other insurance                                   

UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Nebraska, Midlands Choice, and Aetna are currently contracted with Home Run Pediatrics.  Home Run Pediatrics is the most comfortable care for your child and the most convenient option for you.  Even without insurance, you will see these benefits are worth the cost.  With insurance, you will likely find our home-based acute care is more affordable than any alternative. Upon booking an appointment, you will be charged a $25 convenience fee - this fee secures the appointment and covers the time and travel of our provider.  After your visit, we file a claim with your insurance company, and depending on their contracted rates, coverage amounts, and whether or not your family has met its annual deductible, some, all, or none of the visit cost is billed to you. An invoice will be emailed to you for any uncovered amount, and payment is due 14 days later.

Families who have met their annual deductible

For families who have met their annual deductible, you will only have an outstanding balance if your insurance plan has a copay; the copay is the only amount billed by Home Run Pediatrics after the visit. If your insurance plan has no copays, and you have already met your annual deductible, you can anticipate no further payment will be due to Home Run Pediatrics for that visit.

Families who have not met or have a high annual deductible

If your family has not yet met your annual deductible, your insurance company will apply the total of the contracted cost for the visit to your deductible, and Home Run Pediatrics will send you a bill for the full amount.  Even in this case, the benefits of using our home-based acute care will outweigh the costs. If you have a high annual deductible, and you find that the contracted rate with your insurance company is more than our Self-Pay costs, it may be more cost-efficient for you to choose Self-Pay.